I’ve had an abortion

“My Support Worker at The Pregnancy Crisis Centre helped me when I was facing one of the darkest times in my life. My Father-in-law contacted the Centre asking for information to help me. If he hadn’t made the initial contact I don’t believe I would be where I am now.The caring, and non-judgmental way in which my support worker listened and helped me to work through my grief and loss was life changing!”
– Post Abortion Participant

The Pregnancy Crisis Centre is a compassionate place to work though the difficult emotions that are often felt after an abortion loss. Sometimes it is years after the abortion that someone will begin to look for help.
You are not alone! Grieving the loss and being able to move forward is possible.

Free and Confidential Support after an Abortion
It is never too late to address these deep wounds. We offer support on an individual basis. Your privacy is very important to us. The Post Abortion Support program is strictly confidential.
You can send a confidential email to: 0508here4u (03) 3513227