Q. What should I expect when I come for an appointment at the Pregnancy Crisis Centre?
At the Pregnancy Crisis Centre we understand that you may feel overwhelmed and stressed about the possibility of being pregnant and the decisions you need to make. You can expect caring, supportive, and non-judgemental help from one of our trained support workers who will be sensitive to your situation. She will privately listen to your concerns and help you with your next steps.
Q. Will you share my personal information with others?
All information you share with us is kept confidential (except when required by law to report situations of abuse, suicide or homicide). You will be asked to fill out a registration form that is used only for statistical purposes in our office. We respect your privacy.
Q. When will I find out the results of the pregnancy test?
We offer a lab quality urine-based pregnancy test that is more than 99% accurate. You will know the result immediately. If the test is positive we will encourage you to confirm your pregnancy with your doctor through a blood test or ultrasound. We can assist you with a medical referral if you do not have a family doctor.
Q. Is there any charge?
All of our services are free. We are not a medical clinic and do not require any health card.
Q. Can I bring another person with me to the appointment?
You are welcome to have a friend, parent, partner or spouse join you for your appointment. We know that people closest to you and their opinions are important to you as you consider your options. We want you to feel comfortable and know about all the support available to you.
If you feel that you are being pressured by others to make a decision that you are not comfortable with and they will be accompanying you to the appointment, please let us know when you make the appointment that you prefer to meet alone with a PCC support worker. We will be sure to follow through with your wish to meet with you individually.
Q. Why should I come to the Pregnancy Crisis Centre for an appointment?
The Pregnancy Crisis Centre can help a woman who is looking for:
• a safe and confidential place to talk about her circumstances
• a non-judgmental and relaxed environment where her concerns will be listened to
• information about pregnancy options and the support available to her
• answers to her questions about adoption, parenting and abortion
• help to build her support team throughout her pregnancy
• emotional support because her partner is no longer involved in her life or is pressuring her to terminate a pregnancy against her wishes
• help to develop a plan for how she can complete her education or keep her job
• support options to help her raise her other children now that she is pregnant
• resource contacts for the support available to her as a newcomer in Christchurch
• medical referral due to concerns about her health or the health of her unborn child
• an opportunity to talk to someone who has experienced an abortion
• support before she tells her parents about her pregnancy
• help because she feels guilt and sadness after her abortion
Q. How do I make an appointment?
You can call us at 0508here4u or (03)3513227 or email us at pregcentrechch@xtra.co.nz where we will respond to your request as soon as possible.